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The Boys


Jimmy Pallagrosi

Founder of the project. Jimmy is heavily involved in all aspects of the writing, lyrics and production of the album.  Jimmy wrote the story of Flower Torania inspired by his love of video games and sci -fi and the album has grown around this story with a little help from his friends!  The album has a huge Prog influence and Jimmy's Drum Kit is growing larger by the day!! 


Olivier Castan

The Creative Genius of the band. Olivier is one of the co-writers of the project and has also drawn and designed all of the incredible artwork you see.  On Keys Olivier provides an eclectic balance of modern and vintage styles in his playing. 


Marc Fascia

aka Daddy Marc; the quiet one of the band. Working in the video game industry by day he's a Guitar hero by night. Marc  also plays a huge part in the song writing for ZIO.  As well as being a dab hand at cutting melons he's going to be building the ZIO console with Jimmy and eventually creating us our very own video game! 

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